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It was used for clutch exchange of NSR50.
If there is a special tool after all, it is as safe as something.
However, a little more than 5000 yen is slightly high only with the tool of clutch exchange.

It is KITACOKITACO Center Lock Nut Wrench.
I bought it for desorption of NSR 50 Clutch. It was very easy to use, it was solid, and I was satisfied with Large.

I bought it for Mission's OH. Easy to use with Slide hammerType, Attachment of each Size is available, and you can extract Bearing of various Size. Although Hammer is a little heavy, it can be used without problems if it is considered as a two wheel for Vehicle. Although the price is a little expensive, since making is solid, those who do not want to lose money of cheap purchase are no doubt with this item.

If you are a Honda-based masters, you can use Large bodies, so I think people who often tinker with Motorcycle can have it.
Conversely, it is safe for people who use the Motorcycle shop to work quietly because people who use it only once are useless even if they have it

[Webike Monitor] The Engine of the
CUB was purchased in order to perform decomposition and an assembly.
Although it thought that a Parenthesis was not so good, the price was somewhat cheaper than other Engine standses.

It is a Just size when it actually uses. It did not shake during work. It is lumber although it is also in the
> picture and explanation. If it is used as it is, it becomes dirty, and it comes out and is serious.
Since the Paper is covered lightly from the first, it is used from on this, applying varnish. When there was
> time, there is also purchasing lumber and making it by oneself in the carpenter Center, and I thought kana.
It seems that a hand must be added for a while after receiving as mentioned above.

honestly it is user-unfriendly -- touch carries out the goods unlike ~

It is a tool indispensable to Clutch desorption work. Although purchasing if it thinks how many times it is used within the
lifetime is likely to waver, there being a wonderful charm, a tool, and owning has satisfaction.

A clutch cannot be disassembled if there is this [ no ].
Although carried out so so, since a price is a required thing thing, it is unavoidable.