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Produk berkualitas, pelayanan bagus. Overall no complain.

Since he cannot do an inner paint, are wearing of the inner center cover ('ミエ') which looked at this product and has fallen in love at first sight, but.
Without also removing especially a sheet, although removing and equipping with a sheet was described by the instruction manual, although it was itself of beginners custom, it was able to equip easily.

It is conspicuous!

I've only received 1 piece. The description stated a set of 5 pieces. Can get contact to me oto settle this matter? Thanks.

It is an easy installation Dress-up parts just by fastening with Double-sided Tape. It is effective because it is in a prominent place.
However, it is impression that surface cutting and Anodized processing are not so good. It is a feeling that the surface is not crunching.
Also, it seems that key operation became a little doubtful .... There is no problem in use.
Wire lock key, key of house etc. If there are more than one in Key Holder, they rubbed against the corner of the product under operation and the color was removed. We need to devise to avoid hitting it.

A little hole has poor accuracy, is not it?
Sometimes it's caught occasionally and PUSH Button does not come out.
Is it necessary to process holes before installation?
Well satisfied because the price is cheap?

I was worried about attaching to ADDRESS 110, but Left slightly interfered, but there was no problem. I ran and ran, but I did not feel the wind. It was good.

Schnelle Lieferung, Yen Preis in der Verpackung falsch deklariert daher 100Euro Zoll bezahlt. Nun zum Produkt. Plastic zustand schön. Zum montieren eher schlecht, verzogen und als langjähriger Hondamechaniker bis auf das mittelteil 0.5cm Lücke zum Frontteil. Fast delivery, Yen price in the packaging wrongly declared therefore 100Euro inches paid. Now to the product. Plastic condition beautiful. To mount rather badly, distorted and as a long-term Hondamechaniker except for the middle part 0.5cm gap to the front part. (translated by Google Translator)