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Fashion costs. Style you have it or you don't. Wearing this Takegawa t-shirt you've got STYLE and FASHION without the cost! As Iv'e come to expect from Takegawa they have chosen a quality product to advertise their quality products. The T-shirt is 100% cotton with a comfortable "knitted" neck band and overlocked inner seams. It's fit attracted looks from the opposite sex (Ladies in my case). With a descrete motif and product name, front right chest. A larger Takegawa motif adorns the back of the neck above a large design of the coolest cutaway of my favorite engine layout. The cutaway engine shows detailed SP Takegawa parts in situ and most important, is correct in detail. A must have in my (and your) wardrobe that I am (and you will) proud to wear.

I thought it was a bit expensive, it would be a solid fabric, and it's the same design that NBIS Abby wears most, so buy it immediately.
Since Size was United StatesSize, I chose One size Small Shark than usual.

I was surprised to see it.
I bundled it with other products, but I did not notice that we were at the beginning together, PEP LePera was too long.
It's just printed on T-Shirt of peraky fabric which is not put even at 100 yen SHOP.
Size is also about 2 Size smaller than the display Small Wish I think.
If I wash my clothes, I got it..
With this, this Gold amount, I can only say that I was cheated.

Very great product from honda. Very beautiful screen. Shirt made from cotton its very comfort .very fast shipping.thanks webike!

It is T-Shirt which treated the US Asahi flag of USYOSHIMURA.

Anything Design is Parenthesis ( - ∀ - )good!!
I want Tsuda player's Replica helmet to be released As the best T-Shirt I am.

It's feeling underwear is not it
VNeck part is bigger than I thought White old underwear worn by a neighborhood neighborhood long ago
If you can just wear it under Jacket for Motorcycle
Design is good as a recommendation

Find and buy immediately
Because it was about Europe and the United States Size Usually it is M ~ L Size, but to M Size

I'm looking forward to it because it is a fan of Abby
Disappointed after arrival
The fabric is thin like underwear
Is it just printed a little over 100 BlackT - Shirt?
Size is smaller than M size in Japan
Gold I thought that I wanted to rush a lot

I was interested in saying SizeFree, but I usually feel a little Small for me of Size XL, but I like it and I will wear it. I love cute and Parenthesis goodness and I thought that I wanted her even though she did not ride KAWASAKI's Motorcycle. I also believe that making T-Shirt is solid and price is exactly good, so we recommend Quantity : 1pc. is.

LongShirt is getting old and I bought it.
But the season has changed and it is getting cold, I think I would like to wear it in layers

I will write a little bit of impression
1. I thought it was warm in October but I am under purchase, but it suddenly became cold and the opportunity to wear was reduced

2. Design is not flashy and YOSHIMURA of cuffs only is included so

3. In terms of Size, I ordered with L Size, but I directly used this for Large but I used it in layers

4. I think that it is just fine in early spring and early autumn

5. The feeling of wearing is comfortable to wear out as stated as Dry, even a little sweaty feeling

6. When running down, you can also adjust the heat if you wear one T-Shirt.

7. I hope to have ColorVERSION if possible (Black only when purchased)

8. HeatTechnique's Shirt (Such as long sleeves) I wonder if I can spend the fall in the autumn if I wear it.