Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Produk Terbaru

The number plate showed, in the state, since modification was worrying, the thing cheap frame type was purchased without the idea, but the number LGT was choked and it was not able to attach.
Since this stabilizer was a number plate and the said size, when he rebought it anew, it was settled shapely.
Since it is a product made from a stainless, it is perfect, and even if it is going to change reinforcement intentionally, it crawls simply, and it suits and is a forge fire.
Moreover, since it is frame-shaped, considering construction material and reinforcement, I think that it is lightweight.
A number plate is lower ? clip? Since it comes out, and is fixed firmly and it overlaps exactly, it is the charm which does not have influence in the appearance of a motorcycle rear design.
Wearing is also a can tan!! A number plate is once removed and it can do with one driver with feeling to the extent that it reattaches.

You should attach this absolutely.
It is recommended.
There is no photograph.

It purchases in order to arrange a car body in blue.

It is completely the world of a self-satisfaction.
It attached, although he thought that it was somewhat expensive.

Although the price is a little high, it is considerably pleasing.
A feeling of thickness and a gorgeous is also perfect.

Motorcycle I bought in second hand was Fender Eliminator but because it was removed
License Plate Bracket is required and purchased here.
I will add Exactly to NORMAL's Fender.
I only have a little bit of angle to the ground. Compared to the commercially available Fender Eliminator, it is nearly at right angles at all.
I think that it is not necessarily flashy.

Since I was concerned about it before, I bought it unexpectedly because it was inventory
Processing is not particularly necessary for installation, but Wiring is a little troublesome
As the mounting hole of the License Plate is EuropeanSize, I responded by opening a new hole in Bracket
Also, because there is no Reflector in this way, I've turned on Active Reflector
There are almost no manuals

No Brand selling on Wee Big "Flowing Blinker" Good Match and Good
The price is expensive, but I think that value is there

I thought it would be cooler but it was not good. Although it is not problematic in terms of products, it was not good to wear it. It was a good price for the Plate frame.