Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

Although the goods are sold also from other shops, a price considers being set up at a low price by it.

It attached to VTR250.
The rear suspension of a certain manufacturer who can adjust only a pre-road was attached before.
I thought that effectiveness of damping force was considerably different.
It became pleasure for the width of adjustment of setting to also spread and to run after this.

The famous leading circuit in the Ore rouge world is Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

Since only purchase town riding had carried out here since it was too soft in normal suspension, but higher vehicle adjustment was completed, it was pleased.
It was profitable when considering the price, since pre-road adjustment was also possible.
It is not necessarily simply likely to change substantially efficiently.

It is the touch in which the circumference of the front which admiration had became tight lightly.
A price is also handy, and if a variation occurs, I would like to purchase to setting.

280 mm is purchased in accordance with a 4-cm long swing arm.
having chosen plating -- -- truly -- ! -- a feeling of -- not coming out .
It is visible to a normal look.
Sas itself comes out too softly too firmly, and it is right just.

Clearing work was carried out by itself.
Although one person of removal attachment is also exchangeable, I had spring exchange exchanged in a motorcycle shop.
Color is also purple and they are those with impact.
Sas's engine performance has room for improvement.

I used it because my acquaintance was using it and purchased it.
I have not used it yet because I installed it but the texture is also good Large satisfaction.
Turquoise blue is cool?