Throttle Assist

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

Kualitas bagus, lem merekat keras, harga reasonable dan lebih murah daripada harus order ke provider lainnya. Keamanan pembeli juga terjamin

Barang bagus sesuai merk,perekat kuat,resinnya tebal,finishing karbon rapi,mudahan awet tidak pecah-pecah,usul buat produsen buat juga pad buat pelindung fender depan seperti supercub c125.

Although there are no notes, since this product is normal seat un-corresponding, please take care.
Moreover, fitting with a tank cannot be attached directly bad, either.

By a normal seat, it cannot equip with this probably.
(It is severe that even notes cannot be found) Moreover, fit nature with a tank is the worst.
Inferior waste goods like this were encountered for the first time.
He will already buy nothing this manufacturer's from now on.
It is too severe.
It is below Chinese.

Although this was the first time that it rides on SS, when he got tired, the back was extended and it had become the disgraceful appearance which leans on a tank.
It thought that it was because the knee grip probably is not stable, and purchased this product.
An effect can be run now in the form stable even if it was large and he got tired.
Although it is parts of the smaller one, it is the touch which is unnecessary for the moment.
Kana which will be used for another motorcycle ....

It attached to GSX-R1000.
Since it had ridden in the jeanses usually, it purchased in order to prevent sliding in front at the time of a cornering and breaking.
An effect is greatest and it becomes easy to carry out a knee grip.
Since he bought a transparent type, air enters a little.
Those who care had better buy the blacker one.

Although it still straddled and only checked, it grips considerably.
It is likely to be considerably effective to a circuit run.
It worries about whether neither a leather suit nor pants are worn.

Although the character of DIVERSION was in the cowl at XJ6 DIVERSION, the place which thought whether the character of XJ6 would have any vehicles that there is nothing anywhere, and this pat were found.
A size and a feeling of a fit are very good because of an exclusive pat.
The tuning fork mark is also pleasing.