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Merek Top

Exchange from Standard Type.
Weight etc.. You do not have to worry about it but you can also fit the fitting feel better.
But as Standard it looks like Matcho.
Shoulder pad feeling is amazing. I wish it was a little thinner.
So replaced with SK-687 which was in KomineJacket which is no longer used.
The thing itself is so good that it is a matter of preference.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I bought it for installation on Komine's JK - 100 Protect Full Mesh Jacket.
This Jacket has a shoulder in Standard - elbow - Because it is equipped with Hard protector in the chest and Protector of the Urethane Material on the back, it boasts a defense-free defense power as Mesh jacket, but ventilation has poor airflow, summer is hot and it has no choice, so it is limited in the near field I was looking for Mesh shaped Protector.
Originally I was planning to buy the product of Rose sale of the same product, but I found a bargain Set of things on the way of search and bought it.

【How was it actually used?】
It's a combination of Mesh-shaped Protector in Jacket of Full Mesh, so it has the best ventilation, cold in the morning and evening in summer.
I think safety is far lower than Proton of JacketStandard Equipment of Komine. I think that it would be better for you to think that it is about the same level as not being honest as the original is Protector of Hard and Urethane.
In my case, I use Air through pad in the day-to-day ride with low speed range, exchange it with Protector of Standard Equipment for long distance touring using high speed and use it properly.
Since the shoulder and the elbow part were almost the same size as the Hard protector which was equipped from the beginning, it fits in the Pocket of Protector as it is, but since the Protector of the back was a little big eyed, it is Cut and using it. Since it is Mesh shape during Cut, Scissors was easier to cut than Cutter.
By the way, I studied whether to replace the hard protector of the chest part of Standard Equipment with Air through Pad for rough AndRoad's chest, but since the Metropolitan Police are engaged in awareness campaigns to install Chest Protector about it persistently, I am using.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
It is comfortable wearing feeling without incompatibility even when wearing with a three-dimensional shape.
Also, since there is a Grip in the Material itself, even while wearing Jacket it will stay in place firmly without unnecessarily gapping.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Although there is no bad point to say this, I think that it would have been better if you could make it with a material with a little more strength if possible if possible.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Same as above

【Have you compared items?】
ROUGH&ROAD Air throughPad Shoulder - Elbow - Spine Pad
When searching, things of Rose seller came out first, but when I tried further searching, there was something of a bargain Set selling, so I brought it over there.
Those who think that the part is a Mesh shape Protector think that it is better to buy Rose selling items.

Hard protector and D3Oetc. Compared to the high-performance Protector 's, it is more like a machine, so excessive expectations are forbidden.
Please consider that your use is self-responsibility, a certain level of safety and the coolness in the summer can be obtained with TradeOff.

To put it in Jacket for summer, the Hard protector is hot, so I bought this. I am firm but Spine Protector was a little worried so I cut it poiHoneycombProtector and pasted it as Outer and used it. Considering the price I am satisfied with Large.

Farewell to ... Kadoya's sleeve mounted on the Ride.
Of course Naturally Fit it. I do not want to be in a situation to test performance
By buying relief.
There is no discomfort after installation.

I bought this armour to equip a Komine Airstream Mesh Jacket 3D. The armour covers the side of the ribs and completes protection of the torso when combined with a back protector and chest armour. The armour doesn't restrict movement and provides a feeling of security. Despite being listed as shoulder armour it is actually for side armour in compatible Komine jackets and for hip armour in some of their pants. As I have found it also fits the hip armour pockets in ALDI motorcycle jeans I will be purchasing another pair for that purpose.

I bought it with Mesh jacket of rough & Road.
Elbow, shoulder Protector could be fitted snugly, but you can not attach the spine Pad.
Vertical Length is obviously longer than Length of Jacket's Pocket part.
Jacket I verified it by overlaying it on the sewing part from the back, but Protector is also Large.

Most of the time you actually use it, because it carries Backpack, there is not much problem.
However, this is merely convenience for you and it is true that you paid Gold for unusable objects.
However, considering the manufacturing process of the product, it is possible that Jacket's Pocket size was not a reference product.

Because it is a soft material so it fits firmly on your shoulders and protects you.
There seems to be anxiety on the defense plane, but it will alleviate Damage pretty much.
Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. You can protect both shoulders with this one so you can keep it as a spare if you buy it.

I bought it for Riding jacket for children.
Riding jacket for children is out of print, so we sewed a jacket of old clothes with a Pocket for Protector and made our own Riding jacket.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Since it took Gold unexpectedly to make my own Riding jacket production, we chose cheap and reliable ones anyway.

【How was it actually used?】
It is the first impression that it is harder than I expected and the flexibility is low.
As expected it is impossible to put things for Large people in Jacket for children, so I cut Cost with Scissors along the grooves of Protector and cut it into Large in Jacket for children I made it fit in.
I am not going to Touring yet because I am dressed in my own Jacket for the convenience of the schedule, but it seems that I feel comfortable without feeling trying on it.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
I think that it is better to put a slit along the groove or cut the remaining part if you think that it is hard because flexibility is low.
In my case I used it for Jacket for children so I do not think it will be helpful at all ....

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
None. price - Perfect with quality.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Protection While maintaining performance, I thought it would be better if there was more flexibility.

【Have you compared items?】
None. It was a good Komine product choice of COSPA.

Motorcycle Supplies Manufacturer The best is if each company positively issues ready-made items for children, but in that case you can make Jacket even with your own work, so these Protector single item sellers are appreciated It is.
I am planning to make Jacket again with old clothes Jijun with Protector use turn when the child becomes Large.