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Produk Baru DELTA

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After purchasing barrel 4 silencer, it got to know that this silencer is explosive sound roaring in a net.
Since trouble could not be made to you in the neighborhood, this restrictor low noise was also purchased.
Attachment removes three hexagon head bolts which are fixing the parts at the tip of a silencer first.
Next, although the normal parts exchanged for a restrictor low noise are drawn out, parts are drawn out, removing a gasket by a slotted screwdriver, since it is being fixed by the liquid gasket.
The rest sets a restrictor low noise and is only fixing with a bolt.
Product number which sells recommendation also by Webike: They are 40621 permatexes. Probably, it is good to plaster a restrictor low noise with a high-heat-resistance silicon gasket, and to fix.
It can be used also for the exhaust leakage stop at the time of muffler exchange.

Webike will ensure that the stickers be securely packed so that no damages will be done to the stickers!! Delta heat resistant stickers are made very good quality & is a good replacement for your worned out exhaust stickers...

Item arrived safety and securely packed in a box!This carbon fiber tail will look even more awesome than the standard metal tail piece.And it comes with a heat shield!!

The restrictor noise level when down from 30%.Its a good buy n value for money after discount.shipping was fast and affordable for standard ems.was surveying other website. Webike still is affordable.will shop with u again to find wrx parts. Cheers man

Quality is Ok, sound is very good and easy to install. But the price is ridiculous,on sale was 12% discount, after sale is 19% discount!!!

Originally I wanted to lighten the heavy RALLY 50 even at least. Compared to SilencerSingle Body, it is about half the weight, but it was impossible to feel the lightness with the feeling of riding. There is no thing of low speed stagnation nor will it rush up neatly until high revs so you will not feel Stress as a whole. However, we are thinking of inner baffle to correspond only to the largeness of the exhaust sound made with low to medium speed

Use DELTA Exhaust pipe.

Blinker gets exhausted for a while, but it gets a little warmer and there is no problem.

Idling's sound improved Parenthesis, Torque also satisfied with Up.

I feel a nice sound of dry feeling.
The volume is Large as it is. From my family I was told that the sound is bigger than the Large type I have.
I liked it because it looks refreshing.