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JB POWER adalah sebuah bike shop yang menyediakan karburator, knalpot, dan velg ""MAGTAN"". Produk JB POWER mudah dipasang dan memberikan motor Anda tambahan tenaga yang mumpuni.

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Ulasan Produk JB POWER (BITO R&D)

한달이상 소요된다고 했지만 3주정도 후에 받을 수 있었다. 정확하게 장착 및 호환되고 리스폰스가 확실하며 출력이 높아졌다. 아직 장착 후 세팅이 완벽하진 않지만 세팅 후 출력은 아주 기대된다. 돈이 아깝지않은 제품이다. 다음에도 또 주문하겠다. It took more than a month, but I could get it after three weeks. Accurately mounted and compatible, reliable response and high output. Post-installation settings are not perfect yet, but post-setup output is very expected. It's a waste of money. I will order again next time. translated by google translate

The quality of a product is touch of although put.
weight and accuracy -- also varying -- it is few.
As a physical feeling by having exchanged, although felt considerably, in spite of having adjusted some compression ratios, a cell seems to be quite tight.
I feel after all that a one way clutch is likely to be crazy.
It became thermal quite severe.
This is also simultaneously considered for correspondence to be required after all.

Whatever it may call it, the width of setting is wide, and a thing with abundant related parts is good.
As the throttle and the engine were connected, it reacts to a direct.
Since it is racing parts, exchange of a periodical maintenance valve class is indispensable.
(FCR bought this time is the 2nd piece.)

It was quality.

The texture of aluminum is good!
Since the net is also solid, a little higher price is also conviction.

FCR Carburetor Body is 33 of Small Body so Black was not back then, Red Funnel was included.
If Black really is good, I told you this.

I thought that it was expensive for four cylinders, but whatever it was, I added something with a net, and as a result it became a favorite Point for this vehicle.

Brown parts of the net will be dirty by blowing back, but occasionally wipe gently with Cleaner and let's clean it.

Although it is a small part, I purchased it because it becomes Large troublesome when this part comes off.
It is expensive for a simple part, but it does the job well.

D Tracker 250 installed in the year 2002!
Clearly speaking, it will be a completely different Motorcycle! There may be some people who are somewhat tricky to install, but I think that there would be no problem if it was a little bit changing their own Motorcycle.
Whether you feel that the price is high or cheap is different for each person, but if it's a part that you can feel to this far, I think that I am Aria!
Town ride, pass, it became fun all the time!