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Ko-ken dikenal sebagai manufaktur hand tools atau alat perkakas seperti kunci sock. 100% produk Ko-ken dibuat di Jepang dengan tingkat presisi tinggi.

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Since it is highly [ a price ] accurate, it is satisfactory.

This socket is very useful to open the torx nut and not to damage the nut head. It works well with ordinary vehicles. I would like to use it

As expected it is easy to use koken.
Balance with price is also good, it is a quality that can be relieved.
Because Head does not become obstructive and disturbing like Ratchet Handlebar,
Spinner handle is useful for Quick work.

Until now why did not you buy? Why was it Magnet type Socket? I was wondering, but after all Ko - ken 's Nut grip, price - I bought this Nut grip for ease of use and good things. Bolt - If you are in trouble by dropping Nut, is not it okay to have it owned.

SK11 as Socket with similar performance "Bolt catchSocket" And Koken's "Nut grip" , And FPC "Catching Socket" There are, but since we actually purchased other than SK 11, this time Koken's "Nut grip" I would like to imprint.

Clearly, as none are designed under similar Concepts there is no difference in the performance in terms of performance. Perhaps the cheapest SK11 also has no problem performance, but the difference will be quality and durability. As long as you are not a mechanic at PRO, try SK11 and if you like it you think that it is better to buy famous brand items.

Unlike other company Manufacturer, only Nut grip has a satin finish on the whole surface. Unlike Plating, it is difficult to slip because there are delicate irregularities, it seems to be the result of considering ease of use as a tool rather than ease of cleaning.

Also, only Nut grip 6. 3sqSize is available, making it ideal as a motorized tool for Motorcycle. This prevents Trouble, which makes it impossible to return home by losing Bolt during repair at the destination.

What I just noticed was Design wound with Spring similar to SK11. Whereas TONE and FPC did not think that their appearance was so beautiful, I personally adopted Board Spring 's design rather than Board Spring.

However, personal recommendation is made by FPC. The reason is that none of SK 11, Koken, TONE has the property that it is difficult to remove NutSingle Body from Socket, whereas FPC releases the Tension that sprung on Ball by spinning a hemispherical depression It is because it allows you to retrieve Nut easily. It is unexpected that Sturess can not be taken out and it is necessary to actually prepare Bolt for Nut retrieval.

Although it is a personal opinion to the last, if ranking the performance and quality as Socket (1) Koken (2) TONE (3) FPC (4) SK 11, and focusing on the Grip mechanism (1) FPC (2) (3) Is koken - Either TONE (4) SK 11 and Cost performance as Sunday mechanic is (1) SK11 (2) (3) (4) Is Koken - TONE - It is the impression that it said either one of FPC.

There are lots of work in narrow places, so if you drop down Bolt it will become an Large canon in such places that you can say that it is indispensable for this type of Socket surprisingly many options, please try looking for quality and price.

Failure to change Plug after a long absence is not permitted, we purchased a socket of highly reliable tool Manufacturer.
There is no backlash after inserting into the Plug so you can rest assured Torque. Moreover, since it was able to hold the Plug moderately, since it never dropped out when pulling out from the plug hole, it is a Socket that can be used quite nice feeling.

I could not use it as a result.
The following 4 kinds of Plugs tried.
This Plug socket holds the upper part of the Plug by Rubber with 3 step grooves.
When it gets stuck strongly, Extension and Spinner handleetc. Square will come out, and only the plug socket will remain on the Engine, now it is.
Since there is no choice, I reattached the tool and loosened the new Plug that I made.
I contacted Manufacturer and found that DOHCetc. Ideal for deep engine of Plug hole Model number 3300C. 180-16 / 3300C. Recommended for 250-16.
And it was that the Socket would remain.
There was no intersection standard in the guard part of Plug, it was explanation that there are individual differences depending on production lot and Manufacturer.
Perhaps it depends on the creation method, it can not maintain precision like machining.
In addition, I sent it to Manufacturer for confirmation, but the actual thing was confirmed, but the verification result that both Socket's dimensions and Rubber's material are within the company's standards, that it will not reflect on this product in this case is.
The point is that even if some people say that they can be used without problems, that happened to be a plug that suits them.
I thought that application would be useful if it was a Socket tool but it was a failure.
Personally those of the BALLarge bridge industry (Compared with Emon, decomposition Maintenance of Ball joint part can be done, with Grip Bar attached) We recommend special tools on board or on board.

Tool used only when exchanging V11's Oil Filter.

The engine of V 11 has an unusual structure that Cartridge Type's Oil Filter is housed in Oil pan.

For this reason, you must first remove the circular lid of Oil pan and you can not access Oil Filter.

The one used to remove the lid is the Hex bit.

There is no other use for Hex bit such as Large this 27mm w