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MDF mengkhususkan produknya pada Decal Motor asli. Decal MDF memiliki kualitas yang bagus dan mudah untuk direkatkan. MDF Decal menyediakan desain dan tampilan yang unik untuk sepeda motor, supersports, off-road dan masih banyak lagi

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In the silver color, since a tire size was also small and the wheel lacked in force, it equipped.
The difficulty of the wearing [ itself ] was OK with the feeling which sticks a sticker highly.
Since the decal itself has thickness, there are also few fears of air bubbles and a wrinkle entering, and if even an attachment location takes care, it can complete finely.
If a front wheel is equipped, does it become a style with a piece?
Although the engine performance of a motorcycle is not raised, I think that it is a high product of the dress-up effect up.

It purchased for appearance.
A result is large satisfaction.
Since he liked black and blue, the thing of the blue character was chosen as the black material, but since the area of a black material occupied mostly, it was thought that it was not unexpectedly conspicuous.
(Natural although there are differences of enough if compared with normal ..) Although it thinks that the angle which takes a photograph is also a problem, the impression which is seen rapidly and received is the touch which says that the edge of the tire spread inside.
If appearance was thought more as important, possibly the monochromatic blue product should have been chosen.
Anyway, since it is satisfied with the product itself, I purchase and think that it was good.
However, since this stripe has become comparatively for 4 minutes, the point worried one sticks it, as the portion of a joint overlaps for a while.
(It seems that it is the measure which considered the hit in case of the size of exactly since it is hard to stick by it) If it sticks in the pile and the crevice between joint parts is not processed exactly, garbage will enter from the crevice and it will become a cause of peeling.
Those who are worried will think whether it is satisfactory, if the portion of a joint is cut.
Since I was troublesome, I stuck in piles as it is as the description.
If this point and an edge are separating, I think that it will cut then.

It corrects, although it described that the wrinkle was in play contained last time.
When 24 hours or more passed, the wrinkle had disappeared.
It is in play at the time of 12-hour progress last time.

It was simultaneous purchase with an MDF rim stripe.
If this gauge is used, it can stick really simply and finely.
I thought that what is necessary was just to use a rim stripe and a set since it is not high.

I have not attached yet, but I feel I saw it, things looked good so I am satisfied. Gloss and texture are good, and it seems that it is hard to peel off, so I am looking forward to attaching it to my motorcycle. Since I bought the installation tool together at the time of purchase, I am expecting to be able to stick beautifully.

12-inches is easy to paste. There is no need for a dedicated Gauge (I bought it).
Just paste it, Dryeretc. It is better to warm up firmly and press it better.

I do not know in other Size, it was useless for 12-inches.
Seal is solid, so 12-inches it is not difficult at all to paste by hand normally.

Because I am made of paper I can not go if I look sweet.
It is pleasant and pleasant as it is strange to use.
If you are not confident, why not try using.