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MOTION menawarkan decal shock dan spakbor depan serta sticker angka untuk motor motocross. Decal buatan MOTION juga mampu melindungi spakbor dan shock depan dari goresan.

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Ulasan Produk MOTION

In purchasing this, I used it for other vehicles, I already knew the protection function and durability, so I chose this again.
The Impression of the other person is commonplace or just the vehicles of Inverted Front Fork.
I myself also use it for an inverted vehicle, I know the goodness of the product, but I think that it is structurally, how to stick to the erect of a complex appearance? I purchased it again.

First of all, it is the same until we do the surface treatment thoroughly.

Next, since there are protrusions of Caliper 's Bracket, Axle Shaft' s Bracket, Cable holder, I molded it with cardboard.

Although work proceeded easier than I had thought, when I pasted it, I could not match the Center as quickly as I could take the trouble.

Also, since it became less than 10 cm in size, we devised a suitable one.

Although I am a little bit rich, I am satisfied that I did well for myself.

Coloring is a shiny Carbon Style, maybe it was better to flatten it personally.

Originally I think that it is stuck on the Inverted Front Fork, but I also tried it for the erect Outer tube.
Although it is a cylinder that the Outer was supposed to be tired when inverted, since erectness has various brackets and protrusions, it was molded and processed.
The work got back to Smooth than I thought it would be pasted.
Lower preparations are Large Off.
It is saved because the fabric is thick and easy to stick to it.
It is satisfying that you can balance Dress-up and Protect.

I have not used it because I mistook the color to purchase, but it was a nice Size for the Front License Seal Plate.
Although the SIDE side may seem to be Small depending on the car body, if it is this Size feeling it seems to be used for Almighty.

Because the price is also cheap, I use it as Grass Race's One Day Number Plate.
Strength and adhesion are normal, I feel like I will not last long.
People who are worried about peeling are likely to protect with Re Re seat.

It was surprising that it was quite thick. Although pasting was not difficult, it is quite difficult to affix it without bending it to Fork.
However, Parenthesis got better at a stroke.

Since I was also wearing the DRZ that I was riding the previous time, I also purchased it for the DRZ that I am on now.

The thing itself is quite thick. I hope to be able to become a Guard to Fork accordingly.

And it's perfect for a little fashion!
For Gold Fork, Clear is the Recommendation.
If it is Black, maybe Carbon or the like is OK.

After installation, the grin can not stop.
After all StickerTune is a good one.

Motorcycle history has 20 years, but I have never bought Items.
It's quite interesting but I do not feel the necessity
But at the last minute I wanted something.
Arriving and touching was a thick Seal
Durability seemed to be outstanding
No strangeness even when stuck.
However, if it is a d-tiger, Cut is necessary because it is a little long
It will not come off from there

Since the vehicle is monochrome and lacks Graphic, we purchased it as if it would become One point Accent.
I attached this product to the Swingarm Department, but I did not exaggerate too much Large Kim, Color was good and the result was very satisfied.
Since it was pasted after degreasing, there is no feeling of peeling off, so probably durability is more than expected.