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ODAX menyediakan berbagai aksesoris sepeda motor dari Eropa terurama pelindung mesin dari RENNTEC dan bodywork dari Power Bronze. ODAX juga menawarkan komponen elektronik semacam lampu panel speedometer, lampu belakang LED, dan masih banyak lagi.

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It attached to CBR1000RR 07.
Mono-[ that it was not written to the description that the hook of a sheet flesh side must also be removed and / itself ] are distorted just for a moment, and it took pains over attachment.
Requiring special attention, since it becomes impossible to use the wire which hooks a helmet when this is attached.
However, since the function as a carrier is filled and it also becomes a handle at the time of a tandem although it is slightly small, it is helpful.

It becomes the touch which the attachment screw size was delicately large and stuffed into the screw hole by power, and is dissatisfaction a little.
It is a cinch when it can attach.
A big back is also followed and it is GOOD!!

DS400 cannot be equipped.
It is a notation mistake.

Color is also perfect for being pure.

It is not difficult, especially if an attached instruction manual is seen although it is about attachment.
The tool used the hexagon head of 4 mm for removal of a wrench (8 mm and 10 mm) and a screen.
Although it had become a form which is stuck on the meter surface, since it is firmly attached with attached double-stick tape and an indicator interferes, it does not become precocious.
Although a mistake is made in the electrotap attachment for power sources and it has stopped having lit up on the next day, when you made it stuck by pressure firmly, it functioned satisfactorily.
It will become glad when appearance also gets on with a skillful light at night unlike pure orange.

Time-tested items of the circumference of a meter known only to insiders: EL meter.
There must also be many people fascinated with that beauty that shines dubiously ..
EL is a wonderful thing which will emit light if it says simply that some are really called ? and voltage will be applied.
They are high technology parts which shine skillfully with little electric power and are used also for the mobile phone or the liquid crystal display.
EL meter of this odax is based on an electroluminescence sheet, and is a type stuck on a normal meter.
It may be better to ask the motorcycle store for the more awkward one, since a hang needs [ remove / the needle of a meter ] attachment a little first as it is stuck on a meter.
thought measure with sufficient taking a power source from wiring of a position lamp.
Since there is a luminescent pattern, blue and green, of 2 colors and illuminance can be adjusted as a big feature of this product, a color can be adjusted to oneself liking.
It shines skillfully and preeminent for an attention degree night! A meter can be read clearly.
A 300-km/h display will be made to dance the heart in the direction of peregrine falcon riding above all.
The variation of a meter panel is abundant and it also tickles an owner at the heart that there are goods in which the logo of the vehicle type is contained depending on the meter.
Although it was formerly only a lineup of super sports, a naked type also appears these days.
The variation of a vehicle type is also abundant.
Keep in mind that durability and a life are also satisfactory, and it will lead to decline of the quantity of light, and the fall of a life if it exposes to direct sunlight directly although the brightness can be enjoyed long.

[webiku] RIA attached to the monitor zoomer (ruckus) felt it refreshed.

Although OEMScreen looks very good, windproof performance is not so good. However, if the height of Screen is set at the top, Protection improves, but it looks like a sense of Koreani. So I decided to replace Screen. OEMLong Screen ? MRA ? Although I was troubled with Odax, intuition makes this Screen of Odax.

■ About Protection
First stage : It was Protection with no difference between the first row of OEM and Large.
Second stage : The same degree of effect as the third row of OEM. The appearance was also within tolerance so fix it in this.
3 rd stage : I have not tried it yet. It looks like it looks too good. I will give it a try if you feel like it..

It's good to make it, Ninja's Logo is in the part where Black is painted, I like the appearance.
However, it is a little troublesome to have to bite the attached Spacer during installation.