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Berdasarkan data yang dikumpulkan di ranah balapan, STRIKER mengembangkan dan memproduksi knalpot dan rearset untuk keperluar sport riding. STRIKER turut menyediakan komponen aksesoris untuk berbagai model motor mulai dari 125cc hingga motor besar 1000cc.

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Touch shifted by Kami of bedding

The small size fender decided on Mr. Striker's product as possible wanting.
A pure fork can also be equipped.
Wearing also only removes an original manufacturer's product.
Although sporty carbon was also good, the black gel was painted in the pure color.
A tire looks large!

Since it is a new product, I purchased it with reference to various specialty magazines. As expected, Custom feeling of Response, Power, SeraCoatTitaniumium black is not hampered! However, it is slightly disappointing because Torque will be in silence from where it hangs. Because I thought that it was useless, I thought but NORMAL and same etc. I want you to play the volume of the sound so I want you to improve it. I feel that it is quite different from the sound as it sounds good.

The texture of each Parts can be felt highly accurate. I like Coloring which feet are tightened too much.
Just because it is not a Rubber Footpeg, it is unknown how much the vibration during long distance touring is.

attachment : The area around the Exhaust Band is slightly more difficult than the other, but it is not as bothersome as.
It can not be helped because it is out of conformity, but Under Cowl interferes in the case of MT - 25.
So you need to scrape or remove it.

About sound : It is quite quiet when Idling.
It is quite nice feeling if I turn it.

About weight : It got about 5 points lighter than the OEM, so push and pull is very easy.

Others : Since the Heat Guard is gone, let's ride with proper shoes when riding.

Fitted to my Australian model Zephyr 1100 whdn i replaced the exhaust. Doesnt line up dead centre with the stand but works ok.

I installed earlier
It is not difficult to install
I just do not know whether there are individual differences, but my making it is fancy making
Wiring of Blinker relay is now Limit
I am worried that Starter Relay's Wiring's Coupler hits the Side cover and will not break
It seems that movement of Seat is tremendously bad and I can not return and I will pull it back by hand. Well Other Brand Product I guess it may be useless but I will try to process it yourself later
It looks amazingly good

I got a fall wound and replaced it.
Well this price is not it?
Exchange is also completed with one Spanner.
I removed the footpeg before falling and observed it,
With a scar of degree that I can not understand without squatting down and watching it,
I did not have to replace it, so I think that it was a good product.