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YAMAHA Official Accessory yang juga dikenal dengan nama Y's Gear merupakan produsen suku cadang khusus Yamaha, seperti windshield, fairing, dan jok dengan desain unik.

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I was expecting a white color- brushguard but what arrived was black. Luckily somebody bought the black brush guard. Trying to order again but can't see how to choose color when ordering

우선적으로 재고가 있어서 배송도 표준배송으로 5일만에 도착했습니다 조립부품들 다 들어있고요 설명서 보고 차근차근하니 장착하기도 쉽더군요 한국 야마하 파츠 홈페이지에서 파는 가격보다 많이 저렴하니 좋습니다. XSR900과 조화가 멋지네요 We have stock in priority, so we have arrived in 5 days with standard shipping. I have all the assembly parts. It's easy to install because it's easy to see the manual. It is a lot cheaper than the price you can get at the Yamaha parts website. It's cool with the XSR900. translated by Google Translator

Since the tools at the time of touring are fixed, it uses.
Since it is strong and structure is good, it does not become obstructive when getting on and off and the waist are pulled to smart structure of no one but [ pure ].

A delightful tool is cheap.
Although rarely used, if it is strained, it bends simply, and a tool will be broken if it does not use often seeing.

robustness -- if -- although iron is not matched, the under guard of aluminum is carrying out strong structure by firm bending.
Also about attachment.
Also when removing at the time of a car wash, it is easy and recommended.

Since he thought that they were not goods of character with discount etc., to compensate for motorcycle new car purchase, he bought it immediately.
Since I think whether to go into a category also with a price cheap in a service manual, a recommend will be carried out if some people are wavering.
If it is a person who likes a motorcycle, can't watching with Parapara enjoy itself very well including maintenance, either?
Although it is contents, it mainly consists of an illustration and a text.
If an illustration is a photograph, I think that it was still better, but it is not a level on which dissatisfaction comes out.
I think that it is one volume which is surely useful for those who are not completely dependent on Mr. [ motorcycle store ], and fix a motorcycle by themselves somewhat.

A parts catalog is recommended in the direction improved by itself.
If a part number is known even if it does not ask the motorcycle store, an order can be placed from Mr. webike, and I think that an incomprehensible place will also tend to carry out assembly by a service manual if the part drawing of a parts catalog is seen.
It is convenient if it is!