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Murah, barang bagus sesuai diskripsi, cepat sampai, kemasan pengiriman bagus sekali, ada koran bekas bertulisan kanji Jepang, asli dikirim dari gudang Webike di Jepang.

It is very appreciated that 25 [Webike monitor]s collect and he can buy it as those who shorten the oil change span.
It is troublesome too to buy only one less than 100 yen goods in HOMUSEN or an article store.
It is things and a five stars.
As a drain washer, there is no portion which should be mentioned especially, though regrettable.
In other words, bad places are things as it is not.

Since a daily maintenance raw material is offered, chocolate chocolate shopping is carried out.

The package was also compact and polite.

the lost normal engine fine these days -- it considered and purchased as a starter.
-- thin light * -- simple and convenient and cheap and smooth *

I own three 3 Gaskets are same size so I always buy this in the sense of bulk buying. Once you bought it, you can use three more units for a few years so it is profitable. Compared to other Gaskets it is lighter but there are no particular problems in use. Oil leaked etc etc in the past using this. It has not happened.

It was cheap, so I was a bit uneasy, but it was installed almost as usual with OEM. Moreover, although it is a small amount of money, it is recommended because it is cheaper than OEM.

I use it for a while..
With CarbonGraphite, oil leakage is fully shut down. Cleaning is easy without sticking at the time of replacement.
As a measure against Heat, also for Head cover METALSpec. I want you to make.