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MOTOMASTER adalah produsen komponen rem yang terkenal akan produk Supermoto-nya yang berkualitas tinggi. Rem cakram MOTOMASTER memiliki desain unik, radiasi panas tinggi, dan performa pengereman yang luar biasa.

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Ulasan Produk MOTOMASTER

I use it with CRF 250 RMOTARDBigRotor.
Brake can be hung without anxiety firmly making.
I am satisfied with Large change in COSPA way.

It is lighter than the OEM and the design is also good.
Although Rotor and Pad's hit does not come yet, it still stops very well.

The former Owner had equipped and the Floating part was worn out, and since it was rickety, it re-purchased. What is necessary is just to exchange Floating pins, before
wear becomes severe, and if it must be good, he is trying for durability to have uneasiness, if
honesty and a former state are seen, but to be convinced to effectiveness, since it is a diameter DISC of
large. Since it becomes difficult to remove the
> Caliper, maintainability worsens.

[Webike Monitor] It changed for

Brake strengthening. Although
attachment was completed almost satisfactorily, since it interfered in F Fork guard in part, it was cut off by the
Cutter. I think that attaching accuracy is also high. I think that
> brake performance improved. The impression of appearance changed more than
engine performance. Since it is used by

town riding, there is contrast and it becomes easy to ride.
I change and think that it was good.

It is used by the gorilla (12V).
The caliper is used by the brembo.
It stops just and the impact of appearance is very good.
YO which is the Colet recommendation!!

Although the parenthesis was improved also as for appearance to the smooth by attachment and it was good, the color of caliper support does not suit a vehicle type, but the color of support thinks that several kinds may be, and they are four stars.

In my case, it chose out of appearance, but looks are the highest !.
About effectiveness of an important brake, change was seldom able to be felt only by exchanging for this product.
since -- it is one demerit mark about *.

texture, effectiveness, and appearance -- a large -- they are satisfactory goods.
When Sas is changed into the setting for motards from the first, in order to aim at improvement in damping force, it was running in the combination of a pure caliper on the racing rotor of Braking.
From a viewpoint of damping force, a certain up dress-up [ semantic ] and weight saving purchases for the purpose satisfactorily at all also in the above-mentioned combination.
It becomes easy to control, so that he was surprised, and I did not think filling appearance, a usage feeling, and a feeling of possession at most about with 100,000.
I think that serviceability is also high and cost performance is high.