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Ohlins merupakan produsen suspensi motor nomor satu yang menjual berbagai suku cadang suspensi baik suku cadang aftermarket maupun OEM yang telah digunakan di berbagai ajang balapan motor. Selain menawarkan kenyamanan untuk penggunaan harian, suspensi depan dan belakang Ohlins juga menawarkan stabilitas tinggi untuk keperluan balapan Anda.

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It is rather good.

With much trouble, it was pure, and since the ohlins steering damper was attached, it purchased in the only appeal.
when it is too, there is nothing -- coming out -- it is different.

Made of pure cotton, it is very comfortable to wear, very good. It is made in Vietnam, not made in China. The logo on the back is conspicuous.

Used RCM Sanctuary picture specifications to verify the correct Ohlin Shocks for my motorcycle. The only issue I had was my swingarm lower bolt holes were too shallow. I had to grind down the swingarm so the bottom shock eye would bolt in the holes. Still learning to adlust the preload, compression, and rebound settings. As you can see in the picture the handle supports will fit but you may need to apply extra washer so it doesnt touch the shock.

Attach to ninja 250. I just added it for the time being, but I clearly understood that Sus was working ... I will adjust and try playing from now on!

The Front which was too soft and flapping so far calmed down like a lie.
Breaking is also very good with less Pitch.
Because I exchanged at the same time with Mr. Sukako's Yokozaki Fork oil, it is a delicate place as to which was better, but the feeling that there is a waist when shrinking was not a combination of OEMs, I think that it was good to exchange.

However, it was a bit embarrassing that the suspension was full of rust when opening it .... Large I thought I'd be durable, I pushed into Fork as it was, but I thought I wanted to work hard for product management a bit more.

By the way the reason for choosing OHLINS is that there is a problem that other companies are expensive in one package and free length is not enough, so if you have honest gold, I think that it is wise to be Cartridgeized ...

At the time of Normal swing arm, there was no dissatisfaction with OHLINS of the type which can not be adjusted, but when I installed Stretch Swing Arm I felt something strange and changed it to GRANDTWIN.

There are places I am still exploring a lot, but the first impression is that it is soft but there is a waist.
The feeling of rattling is few, the feeling of grounding is more firmly felt.

Spring likes Black after all.

It is saved because it is cheaper than OEM's Rear suspension. I'm licking GSX 1400 Rear suspension 1 pc \ 83000 -. OEM is also fairly good honesty but I feel like I have one flower in Motorcycle that there is no flower in appearance. OEM thinks that there is performance which is multi-function and OHLINS can not be attached. So OEM will put it on Overhaul and stock it. I can also use Harley