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Kampas rem SBS memberikan performa pengereman stabil bahkan di situasi buruk sekalipun. Anda bisa menemukan kampas rem terbaik untuk berbagai kebutuhan Anda seperti berkendara sehari-hari, touring dan balapan.

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Although I checked the conformity properly, I bought it under the price, but it was too sweet and I could not even wear it with the size of Comma a few millimeters thick.
I attempted to adjust using File etc, but it was not an error that can be adjusted with File.
At a later date, I bought the same compatible item at RK's Pad, but I was able to install it properly with dimensions as well.
I do not want to buy it again.

Used for BUELL XB 9 R FIREBOLT Shoulder Bag.
Town ride ? There is no problem if it is TouringLevel, but I am dissatisfied with the braking power at Circuit and Pass.
It's a Street pad so it can not be helped ? ? ?

Because the price is also relatively cheap, town ride ? I can recommend it for touring Main.

我是经过朋友介绍才知道有webike这个网购平台,之前一直都想试试其他品牌的刹车皮,但是又怕在网上买到假货,我的车食川崎忍者650,换上这对刹车皮以后跟车友们一起跑了一趟江西井冈山,路途上给我的刹车反馈很好,尤其在山路上的高速弯,劈起来很爽~ I was introduced by a friend to know that there is a webike online shopping platform. I always wanted to try other brands of brake pads, but I was afraid to buy fakes online. My car food Kawasaki Ninja 650, after changing the pair of brake pads I ran along with the riders in Jinggangshan, Jiangxi. The feedback on the road gave me good feedback, especially on the high-speed bend on the mountain road. It was very cool.(translated by Google Translator)

I use it with WR 250 R. My car is wearing a Tire closer to On road, but I'm very satisfied with the intense braking power which is completely dissatisfied even on Pass road. Recommendation is for GunGun runners on forest roads and pass roads.
Control is also very good, and since it is intense effect, you can also play Rear on the floor.

The effect when Brake is cold is not good, so it may be necessary to watch a little carefully only for a few Breaking at the beginning of the ride. I do not recommend it for use only in town or commuting.

The same as Manufacturer's Front (925RSI) It was quite satisfactory performance using, so I tried wearing for Rear.

My car is wearing a Tire closer to On road, but the controllability is quite good when you lock it for a moment before Corner such as Road Road and enter Slide.. I firmly lock it when I step on with a gun and there is no heat sag.

Anyway it's good control and it does not lock uselessly so it is also a recommendation for use on Off-road.

REAR DISC BRAKE, OEMPad of air cooling Z which is said to be too effective is also oddly durable and there was also the first exchange..
It was Brake Pads thought to be a thing of the time as it was directly attached to the body imported from abroad, but since it was a problematic condition that was not problem at all, I used it as it was for 5 years after new registration.
OEM Brake Pads which was only about 1 mm residual pressure recently, but still the braking power when it is effective ? It is terrible that Fee Ring was not bad. I did not cry. Perhaps you are using about 50,000 kilos in total for 40 years?

The stock which I exchanged this time is SBS here, because I chose the reason why I chose not so much choice and the cost is cheap.
Although it is good that we exchanged for a new item, I run for a while while dragging in order to attach a hit, but I do not feel that it works at all even if I step on after the heat is pulled. Quantity : 1 Set for 1 Caliper, so I guess whether it is better to do OEM Pad without getting stinky, but OEM also has different formulation of abrasive material (Such as AsbestosFree) It will have become, so what is it supposed to be ~.

I was impressed with the good OEM Brake Pads of Feel better than the new Brake Pads which are currently on the market with only residual pressure of 1 mm.

With running 9340 ?, actual measurement-0. Was it 8?. Although Pad still remained, the total distance was nearly 30,000 kilometers, Normal hose came up, so I exchanged Pad as I changed to Stainless mesh hose. As a used impression, it is better than NORMALPad, but when you apply Brake Caliper "Goo" And it rang. Breaking does not work well with guts, but it feels good at the back of holding. I was surprised that more than half of Pad remained even though I used it over 9000?. Cospa is the best. By the way, Rotor is also replaced by Wils Wynn's semiFloatdisc.

Touch is somewhat inferior compared to metallica cloth, but considering the price is enough performance if used in public roads. The lifespan is still unknown by hundreds of kilometers of use, but the type that adheres the Carbon film to the Rotor can be predicted to be super longevity as well as metallica