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XAM SPROCKET memproduksi sprocket ringan melalui metode pelapisan permukaan secara anodisasi untuk meningkatkan durabilitas sprocket mereka. Di Jepang, sprocket XAM sangat terkenal karena dapat diaplikasikan ke beragam model motor dan juga menghadirkan performa yang mumpuni.

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Very good looking, high quality and light for steel sprocket.

When APE was made into disc, old-fashioned GoldSprocketX. A. I chose M. In design it was cooler than SUNSTAR and the color was conspicuous and it was used for the car of the off car or the medium engine displacement Volume from the time of affirmation but when the APE was customized this time the place where Chain's tension stretches and Swing Arm is also OVER because I can not afford it, so I suspected the twist of Swing Arm. X. A. I tried two pieces of M differently, but when measured with Dial gauge, the circle of Sprocket was not a bit. I tried to ask Swing Arm's adjustment, and finally changed it to SAN STAR 0. 03 is mad, Chain has rotated normally. It seems that it is not suitable for Type attached to Wheel in Direct without Damper.

NORMAL is low and it gets cut off soon. The fifth gear does not grow faster than that. I do not ask ESTRELLA for intense acceleration. I wanted to run slowly with low speed on top gear so we set it to 16T. Since Rear had been set from 40 T to 38 T, when the front was made 16 T, the noise decreased at high speed and the feeling of fatigue was reduced even running for a long distance. Maximum speed does not increase much. It will be eaten by air resistance because there is no horsepower. Anyway I am satisfied with the feeling that 6th speed was available. Because it runs only 2000 km after the exchange, five stars can not be attached yet for durability.

I bought it for Conversion.
At the time of installation, I did not understand the front and back, and I had a hard time.
At first, I made inquiries to Manufacturer, got an answer and solved it, but anxiety remained without any embossing.

From Webike "An answer to Objection returns" I came.

"From XAM, "It will be a suitable Sprocket for the scheduled vehicle data," I have received a reply with and,
Because it is a message that it will not fit the actual vehicle, this time we will accept returns as our response. "

This Manufacturer "I do not have any pride for self-products" Do not you think so?

On all, "It will be a suitable Sprocket for the scheduled vehicle data" What does it mean?

The Data includes "Drive shaft center - Swing arm front end / Installation Space "is not included?

"Compatible" What's "Mounting groove of Drive shaft and fitting groove of Sprocket are merely aligned" By saying that,
"Whether it can actually be installed" Is it not to include up to?

This time Webike "Responsibility as a seller" Although it was decided to take,
As the same business operator "I have no responsibility and pride in my products" X. A. M ( XAM ) I feel indignation.

I wanted to pursue the responsibility of XAM by bringing it to the consumer life center,
We will also involve the seller's Webike so we decided not to devour more things this time.

I advised Webike the following.

"Recently, making the off-road vehicle MOTARD is prevalent.

Originally MOTARD's DRZ-SM and On road's GOOSE, GSX, BANDIT are in compatible models
"To make Front sprocket bigger" Although it may be planning,
Other off-road vehicles DJEBEL, DR, RH, SX
"We are not planning to make Large even if planning to make Front Small" I think.

At least this RM series and RMX series should not be able to install this Front 16 sheets.

This Sprocket says "The whole width is 88? / Drive shaft center to cutting edge 44? "
Increasing this number, "Please make sure that there is this Space in the installed vehicle when you want to make Large larger than the standard Sprocket" I think that it is better to raise a caution statement with.

If I do not, "Returned from not installing" Is not it one after another? "

RMX250S (SJ13 from 92) Before and after 17 in. By the formation, before 15 (standard) / Changed to 43.

Because it is a bit heavy / Consider 16.

Conformity model "RMX250S ? 92 ~ "checking "Front sprocket 16 sheets" Order.

However, the tooth hits the Swing Arm Body and the Sprocket does not turn.

In the first place, because it hits the front end of the Swing Arm, it can not be pushed any further and does not fit in the Drive shaft.

"Groove of Drive shaft and groove of Sprocket are aligned" From "Conform" ?

"It is useless as a front sprocket" The "Nonconformity" I guess..

Absolutely "Expectations and Circlip" Wasted.

Currently requesting Obufacturing returns to Manufacturer via Webike.

I decided it only with Material.
I was looking for something nice with Timing of Chain exchange,
Just inside Sale, and still Chromoly, so quick decision!
I watched other impres later, but the feeling I used is good.

Front this time - We exchanged both Rear.
FrontXAM, RearISA installed
I have just traveled once at the moment.
Because we replaced both FR, feel refreshed!
It is a reliable Manufacturer so I feel secure.