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【KIJIMA】Filter Oli

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • BM-08704

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(Panjang): 54mm
(Diameter): 76mm
Bentuk: Cartridge
tanpa Magnet
Part Number OEM: 11427-673541 Lihat lebih lanjut

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(Panjang): 54mm
(Diameter): 76mm
Bentuk: Cartridge
tanpa Magnet
Part Number OEM: 11427-673541


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  • Kijima magnetic Oil filter


    by NO NAME
    It is a black colour filter wrapped in a nice plastic bag, and the design is spectacular since the magnets are inside the filter and around the outlet area not around the inlet area because of the magnets are around the inlet area that might create a clog where the glow stops getting inside and might harm your engine or anything else in your bike. The idea is amazing and I will recommend buying this product. Thanks
  • The magnet looks like Ferrite ? ? ?


    by Japan User(translated)
    Even if you contact KIJIMA, detailed Spec. I was not taught, the feeling I saw was an ordinary Ferrite magnet.There is a magnet in the Center part where engine oil that passed through the Filter flows in the Engine, but if it is an ordinary Ferrite magnet, it will be cracked or missed by the impact, so I am worried that the fragments will not enter the Engine. There is no problem if the missing magnet sticks to the iron part inside the Oil Filter ? ? ?If you have a structure that attracts iron powder with a magnet before going through Filter, I think that it is good to prevent Filter's eyes ? ? ?What is it?Since there is no notation in Body, you can not do Appeal that Magnet In Filter is attachedI wish I could take care of it, but I will check what happens to the Magnet section the next time I exchange an Oil Filter.
  • Necessary and sufficient performance


    by Japan User(translated)
    It is used in D Tracker 150, Oil is exchanged at Self from the time of new car (500 to 2,000 km exchange) → I do not like Oil will be replaced immediately Average every 1250 km exchange. Observing the Drain execution waste oil thoroughly in order to bring the new oil purity as close to 100% as possible, apparently there are many METALFlakes at the time of new cars, and it is about to be confirmed by visual inspection.Oil When changing the Filter cover, you surely checked the dirty condition of the filter paper, but it is likely that you can use 10,000 km if this frequency of Oil exchangeLast time I used the same KIJIMA made with Magnet, but this time STD Type → Indeed Iron was attached to the Magnet part, but is the cost effectiveness? Now, although it is product impression, the filter paper area is slightly less than the OEM Product, but it is a level without practical problem, the processing precision of the Filter itself is not inferior, but the hole diameter of the Rubber parts on the opposite side of BypassValve is somewhat larger As we attach the Filter to the Engine, it gets a little grasped so we are replacing it with the used OEM Product → I am using Filter cover Because Spring is closely related to Oil gallery, I think that there is no problem with Spring ... Oil Filter Cover 's O - ring saying that everyone elongated and can not be reused can blow some Parts cleaner and quench it a bit and shrink somehow and reuse it somehow (Lol) Of course, if O-ring is hardened by heat or the cross section is deformed into an elliptical shape and it does not return to the original, there is no other choice but to replace the new one, but Eira uses 5000 years 17000 km and it is no replacement, Oil bleeding from Filter cover also There is not at all → OEMO-ring is high in plain and gold should be used wisely.
  • NC750X


    by NO NAME
    我是第一次使用KIJIMA的机油滤芯,以往都是用KN的,收到以后打开包装,感觉做工比KN精细,没有那么粗糙,日系品牌的做工就是不一样,更换起来呀方便,直接套进去拧紧就可以了,通过这次使用KIJIMA的机油滤芯使我更了解这个品牌,以后需要更换部品我都会选择它 I used KIJIMA's oil filter for the first time. I used KN in the past. After I received the package, I felt that the workmanship was finer than KN. It was not so rough. The Japanese brand's workmanship was different. It was convenient to replace it. Tighten it, I will use this KIJIMA oil filter to make me know more about this brand. I will choose it later.(translated by Google Translator)
  • Shape that garbage is easy to collect


    by Japan User(translated)
    【What made you decide the purchase?】 Cheaper than OEM. I also thought about building a magnet, but this is convenient for repeated use.【How was it actually used?】 I am Fit..【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Filter cover is stopped by 3 Bolt, but if you waste oil from Filter-Drain first, the car body will not get dirty.【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 When pushed too far in the center, it does not shift.【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] nothing special.【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 This product can be washed and repeatedly used, but please tell me the standard of replacement.【Have you compared items?】 OEM, ALVA[Others] Although the explanatory pictures were in a simple shape, the delivered goods were finely folded appearance, the cleaning effect was also high.
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