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If attachment has a set of an ordinary glasses wrench, it is possible.
Ten steps are enough if an engine is not modified.
Since a burden will be placed on a pump if not much large.

-- good ridge: -- GOODRIDGE stainless adapter product number: -- angle:45 degree color:Black raw material:stainless, and active:ACTIVE air-bleeding pump TYPE-1, product number:14600001 and wide use [ B594-03CBK, wide use, and ]

good ridge : GOODRIDGE stainless adapter * outlet goods,
Product number: B593-03CBK, wide use, angle:20 degree color:Black raw material:stainless good ridge:GOODRIDGE washer (product made from active), and product number:20998004, wide use, and size:1 mm thickness / inside diameter:10mm Raw material: Copper The number of entering: 4

Since the price was cheap, this was chosen, but structure is also very solid and he is smart.
Although it had written that a tail cowl was removed, attachment was able to be attached even if not removed.
However, it is although workability was not good and being carried out.
Although wiring of the number LGT is a plug terminal, the thing of attachment to a kit is an easy thing which can be attached without a press-fit tool.
Since it was disagreeable to have damaged the original wiring, a plug terminal was bought, it was stuck by pressure and I connected.

It purchases in order to attach to the fender less kit of the company.
Since attachment is also only inserted between numbers, it is easy.
although it was as anxious as whether interfere with a number and chatter sound comes out -- Kon's place -- it is satisfactory -- it is .

It was cheap and was able to use.

It changed between bolt pitches.
It was not noticed, but it became HAME which breaks, masters and buys Linda for fastening forcibly.
I thought that what was necessary was just to have purchased the bolt of the smile stainless.
(It was obsessed with appearance.) I think that it is cheap well and they are good goods.

It is a stainless from aluminum in steel!