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Merek Top

I think that an outside diameter is larger and that it is good.

Although attached to GSR400 2010 ... It is touch that an attached bolt is long and is not attached.
It is easy to be my mistake.

It is used for Ninja250R.
After exchanging for the PENSKE handle, it is the first handlebar end.
Attachment is easy and it is fixed by inserting goods from Bar's end and tightening the bolt of a head.
It is made to hear about refinement into simplicity by very beautiful result.
The color variations which can be chosen is glad.
Having managed the keeper of the end of the handlebars my motorcycle as bar end for a long time, the last moment presented the body and protected the handle.
A photograph is bar end (smile) the surface has been shaved [ bar end ] with asphalt.

[Buying motive] He thought that he would unite by the same Brando, and it purchased.
[Point which got interested] Ironic design which is not.
Product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [ There was no compared product in particular.
[after-use comment] -- the accent of the circumference of a handle -- although it considered and red alumite was chosen, time takes for passing and has stopped being pleasing somehow
Tone of color alumite is not quite satisfactory somehow.
I think that I will exchange for the thing of black alumite in the near future.
as important bar weight, it is a function -- enough.
without it seems that SHIBIRE comes to a hand even if it will run 600 km ~ 800 km on the first -- a handle -- also getting the jitters -- it is not worrisome.
[Comprehensive evaluation] That liking of it has changed later this time carries out a recommend to those who it is not good and like the tone of color alumite, and those who are using the same Brando's handlebar.

Although it is parts of an off vehicle, it uses for SR.
Although green was chosen according to the color of a car body,

Foppish touch that the appearance of a motorcycle becomes tight is good! Since a hand is protected when it becomes hollow, it is killing two birds with one stone.

Anyway it's heavy ?? When you open it and take it with you, you come screamingly
There was 280 g in the description on Manufacturer but it actually exceeded 300 g when weighing it. It seems likely to be double of Original. Well, since there is no meaning changed if it is not heavy, it is OK with this, it is the essential vibration countermeasure, but it seems to be slightly somewhat or not, I did not feel it changed drastically, but if you buy it with Custom half of practicality half The price is just too good. At least it's 3000 yen

OEM Product may also be of luxury, but I attached it according to the exchange with AELLA's Handlebar.
It is also characteristic that it is becoming a Slider in the atmosphere that the shape is well calm.