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nice and good looking

Good Quality and Perfect Model, match with the bike..!

Height 177 ?, weight 63 ?, LL purchased with slightly thin body shape.
I chose LL because Rafuro's products seemed slightly tight and that I prefer longs.
It covers up to the waist. The sleeve will be longer but will also serve as usual, so this is a reed with this.
If you want ExactlyFit, I think that L Size is OK..

Early morning commuting from Hiratsuka to Yokohama city (4-5 o'clock) doing.
Until now it was layered with 3 sheets of Laflowo's winter Inner pasted on the Compact Rain Suit of the company and wearing the old Outer on top so it is a tedious task halved.

Since Neck warmer is also equipped, if you compare only this one price with the price of three piles, three stars.

Frigid cold Spec. It is advertisement, but if you attach electric heating Inner to this, it may be invincible.

Since Outer is slightly softer than other companies' products, it will be subtle.
I think that it is better to judge from looking at the real thing only here because it is a good price.

I bought it because it sold cheaply at disposal Sale in a certain place
I think that Design is good, Inner is thin, so it is cold if it is below 5 ℃
Protector is thin, Chest Protector can not be installed, Over Pants has no knee pad, so there is safety concern
Back, shoulder, elbow Since Protector can replace Jacket 's thing I used before, it is regrettable that Chest Protector can not do anything
I think that the importance of Chest Protector is being widely known and there is no option setting or Standard Equipment
Although this is an old MODEL, you can not install RR 7688 Expert winter suit of the new MODEL as well
For the same price range you can install Chest Protector and I think that it is better to buy Honda's Grand Winter Suit with knee Pad

This time, I would like to Impression together with the Protection effect of this Jacket which was torn by fall.

Although this Jacket is WinterParka, desorption type Inner and Ventilation make it possible to comfortably use it even when it is hot during autumn when the day and the time are hot. In fact, desorption type Inner is actually troublesome desorption, so we use another Inner and it is adjusting according to the temperature. Ventilation is on the side of the upper part of the arm and back, and the wind passes through Jacket directly, so comfortable if you are running Ventilation even if it is a little hot.
Because Parka can be removed, it can also be used as a Jacket without Parka.

The cold performance can not be squeezed at the neck, but because it is bulky and bulky, you can prevent wind ingress by using Neck warmer etc.. Also, the back lining of the neck is soft in the Fleece area.
Since there is no Storm guard at the hem, the entry of the wind from the hem is worrisome, but there is Draw cord and if you narrow the hem it will be a little better.
Jacket's Zipper has become a windbreak Zipper and there are also Flaps inside so I do not mind approaching the wind.
The sleeves are Rubber sleeves, which can also be adjusted with Velcro. Velcro of the sleeve is a bit special, and in some cases it will be out soon, so be careful.
Although the fabric is not waterproof nature but windproof is sufficient, if you devise it by adjustment of Inner, I think that it can be used comfortably if the temperature where Motorcycle can ride normally.

And Komine's feature of Jacket is a solid Protector.
Material on elbow, shoulder, chest at the time of purchase : Plastic's Hard protector is equipped, the back is equipped with a thick Pad with Soft Type.
Material of the side part of the waist and back in optional Option : I have PlasticHard protector.
This time I changed my back to Hard protector.

This time, Rear slips down at LeftCorner and falls. Motorcycle slipped about 10 meters.
Immediately after falling, Left elbowed his elbow, struck a shoulder, turned to the side, struck his back and stopped one turn.
Immediately after the fall, though the mind is upset and not informed even when injured, there is no scuffing or bruising even if you go home and looking through the body, although symptoms may appear over time, the result uninjured was.

Speaking of good luck it was until then, but in fact the Protector had everything that I actually hit the ground, so I did not get hurt.

Jacket has no strength in the fabric with Soft shell, so it got torn down and became useless.
However, it is cheap if you think that you protected yourself.

Komine's Jacket is already better than the Jacket in the price range over a top ranking, but it seems to be okay for designability, detail creation etc, but it is well done for this price range and Protection is secure , Cost performance is high.

This product is a recent fashion ParkaStyle jacket, Design is not bad, too.
Also, StandardProtector is also solid, you can further raise Protection with Option.

I can recommend it to those who are interested in Design and price, but also want to secure firm safety.

Jacket for spring and autumn which I used so far became very old, so I bought a new Komine JK - 579.
Prior to purchase
? You can enjoy Riding comfortably even when the temperature difference between day and night is Large
? Protector is well incorporated
Until now it was just Jacket of Design named Riding jacket, so it does not feel uncomfortable descending from Motorcycle
Three items were selected as selection criteria.
It is the recently popular Soft shellParka that meets these? And ?. I purchased JK - 579 by making it Komine made of what I am satisfied with?.

Recent Komine's Jacket, unlike Komine's Jacket up until a couple of years ago, felt that Design was also quite good and that COSPA and Protection performance remained as ever.
Regarding Size feeling, I purchased M Size of a lean type system with a height of 165 cm and a weight of 56 kg, but it was just right Size.
As for the cold weathering performance the other day we toured in a mountain with a temperature of around 10 °, but in the state with Jacket's Inner, I did not feel that it was cold even with a long sleeve thin T-Shirt. Also when I run through the streets during the day, I opened the Ventilation and I could introduce the outside air, so I did not feel that it was hot there.
The point which I became interested in is that it is general to Soft shellParka, but since Jacket's collar is long, it is a little worried that Helmet's hoop cord and Jacket's collar interfere with each other or it is difficult to tilt his head I will. (Though it is really insignificant - - - )

When you comprehensively look at them, product creation is very high. The other Soft shellParka of Manufacturer is about 10,000 yen more than JK - 579, but Protector is thin and I think that JK - 579 will be satisfied if there is not much commitment.

170?, 55 ?, Komine Man.. M was Just fit. L may be better if you wear it under. As of November, both morning and evening in Kanto are using HeatTEC of Uniqlo on top of a thin long sleeve, but there is currently no need to wear it.

Very warm, I think that windbreak performance and heat retention effect are high. It can not be said that it is warm so far, but after changing clothes in the room because the heat does not escape, even if going outside it will not feel the temperature change. I do not know yet what will become of winter production but I can recommend it considerably at the moment!
If you mention the bad points it is heavy .... I do not mind getting into that as winter products are divisible to some extent. Also, my neck is slightly painful as I can raise Fastener. It will not bother me when I ride Motorcycle. I think that it can not be helped if it thinks that this also does not add wind. And I need a little hang when opening Fastener? I think there are individual differences ...
It is a digression with that, but it was acceptable for girls' friends lol

Since it is still before use, talk about Size
I have purchased the LB of All season jackets of the same Manufacturer in the past, and at that time it was a little large-scale.
So I saw the Size table and purchased LL this time.

As a result, because of cotton buds or with Chest Protector installed it is exactly what T-Shirt is inside.
Since I can not feel so much, I became worried that Large would be durable in the winter.

Incidentally, it is medium-sized at 73 kilometers of 173 cm.
Yu ○ I wear M ~ L on Black.