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He bought with POCHITSU cable need.
To be sure, appearance is Good.

It is the structure in which the [Webike-monitor] price became brave comparatively.
Since it is made to full admission in an instant, in a small displacement vehicle, it is found useful.
On the other hand, the place of + screw is a hexagon-head screw, and an authentic positive one also has a field which interferes with a cowl and is hard to attach.
It is based also on that there is no description and is a decrease of a one star.

Pains was taken over attachment although he planned to have understood structure.
Although he wanted a little more intelligible description, a price may also be cheap, and it may be very easy if it gets used.

Very well build, good quality. Look exactly like honda oem throttle case. Even comes with daytona throttle cable that fit perfect.

I bought it to attach VM 26 to MONKEY.
I wanted to go with Normal look so I chose this item. It was a product as expected. I just did not enter the OEMBrake switch as it was.
Except for Switch, Large change is good. Recommended for those who do not want to break Normal look.

First I bought DAYTONA, but I did not put on it.
(Because there is not enough wire output from OEM's Cable Outer.
The included Cable is not compatible with carburetor)
This is OEMCable and we can use anything without problems.
Since the length of Cable was Limit, vehicles stretching Handlebar even a little need a long cable.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEG Standard High Throttle Set (710mm) Beautiful and functional compared to the price. Cable Length: 710 mm. Meets the requirements of my motorcycle. And in the set has a beautiful Grip and can also put more accessories. Including the High Throttle that works great.

The part containing the Slot is a little Large.
Design is nice.

Although it is from PC 20 or more in the manual, I attempted to attach it to PC 18 at first, but the Throttle valve did not close fully due to the relationship of Grip Stopper. You can use it by cutting the Stopper part of Grip color by 1 mm.
I also installed it in PC 20, but I could install it without problems.