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[ [or / there were 2011 /] ] Considering a price, it is very warm.
Wearing is also easy and it is recommended.

I have been wearing the Panther Dough's cold weather Jeans up to now, but I decided to try the Nylon system without being able to endure the cold. I also thought about All seasons' Dry master, but because it is a cold weather objective,.

Purchase Size
No Wow (WomanL) Purchase
Since the feeling of trying on was very warm, I said Over Pants and it was enough for Tights to be under, so I dared to take this Sillyouette to this beautiful Size. As long as there is no feeling of wearing up, it is SMART. Manufacturer name is fully opened Appeal does not have good.

As a result of trying on various Size as well ...
In normal M Size, thanks to the Straight Silhouette, there is a slight feeling of wearing.
In ordinary L Size, it is a bit of a cold wearing feeling that I felt like a dubbo ...
Intermediate BM, BL feel not too good.
Originally because it is Over Pants, I think that L is the original Size, but it is really warm, so when using it as an Over Pants it is probably warmth that is unrelated to an electrothermal system. It was terrible as it tried repeatedly trying on it and it got a bit hot.

Feeling of fit
After all the cutting is for Ladies so the crotch is hard (Is it different so far as to have or not? It is dogoi because it has enough margin on the buttocks side.

Cold weather performance
We cruised the highway at 0 ° C outside temperature but we did not feel any wind because of the combination of this product on thick Tights of GW. I was surprised at this. Is there also influence of cotton and knee Protector? Moreover, if you use Velcro of ankle, Fitting with Boots is exquisite and there is no draft.

? Bottom part of the outer foot around the buttocks (Butt??) Jiwiwa is getting cold. Perhaps it is Over Pants and there is no ass POCKE, so I wonder if armor is thin.
There are two POCKEs on the front side but it is too cramped that it can not be used almost because of Size effect. There is POCKE in peach like Cargo Pants but it is a bit anxious. Small items must be transferred to Waist Bag.
? There are a lot of rise so as not to cool the lower abdomen, so even if you open Fastener you can not access underwear. So Toilet (Small) In the case of a nursery school you can not add it unless you take off Pants halfway.

General review
It will be sold out.
It was a good thing I thought it was good to buy it after a long time. I hope it is not cold this time.
Size is each person, each method of capturing and sensitivity also has ten colors.

Small student made it to WL, but this is a good thing.
I wonder if Color development was a little more good

Winter overpants with excellent windproof and warm Waist is comfortable and movement is free I am willing to buy it again in the cold winter months.

I am wearing this item under Jeans.
HeatTEC, this product, Jeans order.
It will not be frozen in this if it is a movement in the city.
However, because I have insufficient hem length, I must also use Leg warmer.
If you use a similar way of using it, you do not think there will be a loss even if you have it.
There is something like a Belt reservoir on the inside of Waist, so if you fix it to Belt it will not be gapped.

RDY 546 was troubled because it was a simple knee Pad. However, since the Band around the waist is solid, from now on, I think that I could have bought Option Bad and buy it. (It takes time?)
I think that it looks far more RDY 547 stands out?.
Until now, Yamaha (Thailand Chi) Because it was Mesh Pants, it is Waterproof and I wear it with confidence.

2017. 10. 27 Sunny

Leather jacket, leather bread wearing HeatInner + T-Shirt + Rainwear (Up) + This item

Even early morning freeway traveling air temperature 6 degrees Celsius did not feel cold.

ICEMark was out on Meter of a car in the mountains, but the lower body did not become cold.

I took off at 10:00 in the mountain area of ??Gifu but it is still cold in the shade.

For the current period, if the weather is warm during the day it would be better for Over Pants.

Purchase BM Size with height 165 cm Weight 67 kg Waist 83.

Leg is short but perfect. We can afford too much around waist and legs.

There is a drawback when this product, when wearing and tidying up. (I do not need the effort to remove Boots)

Quantity : 1pc. I wrapped a cloth around the image, but with both waist and leg wrapped from front to back and fastened with Magic tape.

It is pretty much Large strange to wrap perfectly with good appearance, after wrapping around Large miscellaneous once

Alignment (knee Padetc. It may be better to do).

It seems easier to stop beside the body than to hold the Magic tape behind the body

I can imagine, but how is it?

It does not go to Smooth when folding and tidying after taking off.

Since Magic Tapes stick together in strange winds, flat ground etc.. Once you spread it and you do not fold it will be cool.

Just when I took off it was super fun.

Anti-cold performance, wearing feeling is perfect. It feels like Protector is only in the vicinity of the knees, I feel that it is not very useful at the time of Isa. Lateral opening is good, but before Zipperetc. No, Toilet inconvenient. COSPA well well comprehensive evaluation is good, is.

Order L Size with 172?, 67 kg, Inseam 82?. Just right Size, Waist adjustment is possible with Velcro. Since hem can also be adjusted with Velcro, cold winds have rarely come in. At outside temperature 8 degrees, below DenimQuantity : 1pc. I ran to wear it, but I do not feel any cold at all. Also, I could have confirmed that it started raining a little bit and just playing like a polka dot. Protection against cold - Waterproof is preeminent.

Knee Protector also CESpec. I can relieve, I can adjust the position and no complaints.

Even when it straddles Motorcycle, there is no ankle going out (It is slightly longer while walking) , Comfort is also good so it will not hinder your driving. Especially the ass did not slip. There is no Pocket behind.

Only one point to note.. Since there is no Fastener in front, it is necessary to take off once, or half down when adding. Considering that the body will cool down when it runs in the cold winter and the number of times to go to Toilet increases, I felt somewhat disappointing there only.

I am satisfied overall.