Oil Seal Shock Depan

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Precision quality and light

It became smart at the highest.
Although it is somewhat high, please try!!

It was used for PWK28.
Looks and a price are O although it does not understand well efficiently.

It pulled and purchased in the color of the funnel.
The skillful thing of blue alumite.
It is examined for it. [ who has done impulse buying ]

The necessaries of full-power-izing!

This is a test.

As a result of looking for Funnel attached to PC 20, I purchased Style and color. However, because it is not a Dyson vacuum cleaner, I installed the Brown-squeezer that I bought at 100 yen shop instead of Filter.
In the installation, since Color is attached to Funnel, just attach Color to carburetor and attach Funnel first.
In terms of performance, I tried using Sponge filter etc, but again Funnel seems to have better Engine Response. Especially turning it over 10,000 revolutions will make a difference.
Mr. Takekawa, selling the net to be attached to Curl type Funnel is sold separately, so please sell it.

POSH AIS Cancel plate is a must if using any aftermarket exhaust. I bought this to go with a Peyton Place Stainless/Norton type slip on (part number SP-055) on my 2014 SR400 FI. Very easy install, much cleaner look without the the AIS and eliminates all deceleration popping from the aftermarket exhaust. This product description says non-applicable to FI vehicles but have installed fine on my fuel injected SR400 - note that the rubber bung included is too small to go over the airbox hole left behind but is a perfect fit to be inserted the other way around the plug the hole tightly.