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A shoei under the sun.

Secure visibility at TRIAL, mouth - I wonder if it becomes this form when considering the chin part protection.
The Ventilation on the back side is that ordinary HYPERT became ICDuct though it is Bent Slit ×.
When considering it for basic TRIAL, there is no running wind etc. etc. Heat from my head is coming down. Moreover, it was damaged with a little thing. When purchasing, it is necessary to exchange to Bent Slit first, and the remaining two places are additionally Bent Slit addition.

When wondering whether to buy SEROW or not to buy Motorcycle I watch this Helmet at first sight at a store for supplies.
I bought it before the SEROW purchase contract.
For details please see the diary.
Can I Recommendation to a Friend? Because I do not want many people having the same thing.

First transaction in webike. I am very successful on this buying, The Helmet is very beautiful. Since it is related to safty, I dont have enough brave to but the cheaper one. So I choose the japan famous brand SHOEI. I tried the size in other place and bought it here. Other model of shoei helmet in small size is fit for me, but maybe this is two way use helmet so I know the smallest size is still loose for me. So I but the smaller insider also. This is good and beautiful helmet, I use it everyday now.

I just got this helmet over a few weeks. For me, this is very high quality Japan made helmet. The airflow is good. Very quiet. A bit heavy for me. I'm happy with this premium helmet.

Shipped out from Japan was fast and clear. The product very high quality. No need tool to change the visor. The helmet a bit heavy for me.

I purchased it for SecondHelmet, for Off-Road. I can not compare with other products because Off-Road Helmet is the first time, but I can use it without particular problems. I was worried that there was no review of this product no matter where I looked at Site but I purchased it like COSPA and Design. I'm sorry that I do not know Repair Parts etc. because it is not a well-understood Manufacturer

Purchased for SubLicense OffLoader. Simple that Design is also comfortable at a low price.

I thought that it is heavier as it has Inner Visor but it is lighter and better impression than I expected.

The lining is proportional and Tight.. Although I purchased M Size, the sense of fit is equivalent to M Size of Arai, etc.. So some people may be good at One size Large.

I'm happy to give Pin Lock Seat free if I send the attached postcard. This Helmet uses the Goggles with removing the Shield, but since it is UniversalSeat just paste it I diverted it to other Helmet.