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This is good although some people may show unwillingness according to throwing away.
A towel and after pressuring upwards and using it in the cross of business, it is likely to become a cause of a detailed polish crack so that the dust gradually wiped off also with thinking that it washed firmly may accumulate, but there are also no such worries in case of throwing away.
The size is also exactly found useful well using a motorcycle.
Once it uses, the mind which returns to the cheap towel for a car wash will be exhausted.
It is one article I want beautiful favorite Rider to try by all means.

Because I 'm tired of using it for 8 years Quantity : 2pc. Purchase Set eyes.

Other people said, Right Side will stabilize because it can be wrapped in Reserve's Tank,

Left Side gets stably without grafting.

However, hands are warm in Grip heater and Handlebar Cover even in midwinter.

It's cheap.
About this.

I squeezed it twice with two car wash tears.

But, I guess .... I do not smoke too much..

There is something where the fabric stands with Ha Gap and the pill has awesome standing. It would be fine if you choose fabrics according to the application, but if it is then Home center's Dustcloth is good.
Not bad, but I can not recommend it.

Purchased with dual stack specification of TMR-mjn. According to the attached manual, the main jet was at the top 10 than the normal funnel. While wondering if the amount of air will increase so far, I tried comparing here with the ordinary funnel specification with the designated jet number. Surely the response, the smoothness of acceleration and the torque feeling were better in the dual stack case, there was no valley or catch, and I felt that the permissible range of setting was wider when dual stacked. It may be exactly good for mjn where it is difficult to adjust the intermediate range. I saw a plug that was beautifully brown burned after a long absence.
I can not add a Filter such as Sponge afterwards, so I am worried about the TMR vSeal's bruise, but at that time I divide it into Overhaul to YOSHIMURA. To some extent, inspiration feels that this is the best if it is supposed to be Cost.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I bought it for setting out, as a result of exchanging Front fork 's internal Cartridge for items outside the company.
There were other Manufacturer's items, but Quantity : 1pc. Besides, there was only a thing that was more expensive than this product, so I chose the cheapest 56design thing.

【How was it actually used?】
If you want to measure how much you are doing a stroke while driving, it's like Tie Wrapetc sold at Home center. Although I think that it is enough, I am satisfied with the appearance which was gathered without incongruous feeling that was attached as a special item.
The performance of the Sensor itself is satisfactory, and we keep with the place to the place where I stroke without loosening even when running..

【Mounting was difficult?】
I had a hard time because I had to extend Spring to an extent that it could not extend and fix it.
It was a place I flew Spring several times when wearing it and it got lost in danger.
Those who do not have confidence think that it is better to ask those who are proficient in PRO or hand.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
If you extend the spring for fixing too much, it will stretch out and it will not be usable, so be careful.
Also when you fix it also you need to be careful not to catch Spring firmly with your fingers because it will fly to the day after tomorrow and lose Spring.
Because I thought that Garbage and dust entered the gap between Sensor and Inner Tube and it seemed to be scratched, I thought that it was scratched inside the Sensor (Inner Tube contact surface) I am applying Silicone oil to.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Performance as Sensor has no problem.
However, once you removed Garbage and sand grains that were in the gap between the Inner Tube and the Sensor, Spring got stretched and it became useless anymore.
It would be better to consider it as a disposable after wearing it once.
In my case I install it on One Side, it is depending on the dirt, but it is exchanged in about 3 months ~ about half a year.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
The installation of Spring is difficult, but there is no help for structure, so especially improvement points etc. None.

【Have you compared items?】
- Integra Front forkStroke sensor
Quality seems to be good, but the number of deposits 1 pc. I wonder if 3,000 yen is too high.

Even outside Fork and NORMAL's Fork, Pre-roadetc. I think that it is a required item for Fork which can be adjusted.
I am going out for Touring in the center of Tandem, but since the behavior of Suspension is quite different from Large at the time of one person and Tandem, this Sensor which can visually confirm the state of Front fork is now to let go Can not.

I used Dustcloth made of paper so far, but since it was broken by Chain, I purchased this Dustcloth.

The impression I used was thin and soft compared to paper.
Chain I do not want to be torn during cleaning so I will continue to use it.

Although it seems that it may take time to lay somewhat to an amateur, I think despairing Fork can be removed at any time and I think that Cospa is good. If the Fork diameter is the same, it can be installed in other Motorcycle. Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. So - - - !